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Are you looking for the best TV App for your android device? Especially you want Indian TV channels, series, and sports? Hey! Good news to all of them. ThopTV APK is only one Android app that could compensate all your requirements.

Undoubtedly entertainment takes a major part of our life nowadays. The harsh reality is we are slaves to it. Isn’t it? We have to accept it anyway. We can easily consider video content in the entertainment industry as an utmost chunk, yes of course it is.

However, TV Series, Films and Sports are best in this segment. So, ThopTv can able to give live sports and Some of the Tv Series which are available in Indian channels.

Even, you can enjoy the content from over 3000+ Television channels with masked names I mean with different names to prevent copyrights claims against the app.

The App policies are quite impressive, and obliquely it is legal to use [Read our privacy policy from here]. And features are another advantage that is accessible to read from below.

What is ThopTV APK?

An Android app lets you watch the content from thousands of Television channels around the world. Thop TV brings not only the channels but also numerous movies which are loved by us and offers all these for free — absolutely nothing you have to pay to the developers.GO TO DOWNLOAD

A few months ago it was supposed to be a Google Play store app and had tons of downloads from all over the world. Suddenly went down from the playstore because of their terms and conditions. It’s been a traumatic experience for the creators and supports.

Still, ThopTv has a huge follower base even it has knocked out from the Playstore. The reason behind this is; it is providing the best content for free. There is no other app out there considering this much of features and quality.

I think you got some idea regarding the Thop TV APK. Want to know more? Take a quick at the features.


  • Watch content from more than 3000 Channels
  • Listen to Music from more than 5000 Radio Stations
  • Watch Movies over 3000+ in your spare time
  • ThopTv Supports Android Platform Devices like Amazon Firestick, FireTv, Android BOX and SmartTv’s.
  • Able to choose Video Quality on Selected channels.
  • Able to choose Audio Languages.
  • Subtitle Support
  • 7 Days Catchup on 580+ channels

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One of the most useful features and I found this one very promising.

Public chat option allows you to share an opinion, Request news features and will able to find any troubleshooting issues. There are many people online including the developers. So, you can quickly get the answers from them.


Global Search option lets you find a variety of movies and series from available scraped links of Thop Tv APK. A simple way to find the content from various stations.

You don’t have to do it manually. I mean you don’t need to search by scrolling until you find the desired one.

Notice Board

Every update and news from the developer will be posted there. So, users will know the features, special direct links and details regarding the channels.

It is the only one app that comes with this kinda feature.


Dashboard seems to be a great way for wishlisting the favourites of yours. Just create an account with Google or authenticate via Twitter. So that you can able to add the channels to the favourites section.

It’s not a mandatory step to be followed — only your wish to continue with this optional one.

And there are no restrictions for unregistered users and no hidden subscription charges.

That’s it for the features.

Now dive into the download section.

Download THOPTV APK for Android and FireStick

You might know that this was compatible to the Amazon firestick if you read our article completely. We hope that we will surely expand our ThopTv to other platforms like Windows and iOS soon.

Keep waiting until other things will be done.DOWNLOAD

Use this blue button to download

Anyone here eager to know how it works?

Just a simple thing was going on behind the scenes. Meanwhile, technically it doesn’t violate anyone policies too. But, it makes sense when you know the real thing.

We are just scraping the links from the source which are available on the internet. So, just hosting the links instead of content doesn’t harm any individual who is using the app even the developer.

Still, we all need to worry about the ThopTv support from the creator. As of now, it’s all good, but many of us using ThopTV Mod version to escape from the Ads.

I think if we continue using those Mods, then they will definitely stop pushing updates very soon. Ads are the main income source for all team.

If you believe that our hard work can earn some bucks, then stop using ThopTv MOD APK’s now and install the latest and official version from our page.

What THOPTV APK Offers?

This heading represents what thop tv apk can offers when you start using the application. Is it essential to know everyone? Yes, better to know before what they are going to be using.Televisions

  • Jasmine TV
  • Allium TV
  • Thyme TV
  • Tulip TV
  • Iris TV
  • Daisy TV
  • Heather TV
  • Lily TV
  • Sunflower TV
  • RockStar {New}

Movies/Series/Sports/Short Films

  • Shortfilms
  • Snowflake Movies
  • Orchid Movies
  • Oyster Movies
  • Zephy Movies
  • Zephy Series
  • Snowflake Series
  • Velvet Series
  • Sports

How to Install ThopTV APK on Android?

Have you installed APK’s before on your android device? If yes, then you don’t need this procedure. Otherwise, follow below steps carefully to install in the correct way.

  1. Once you downloaded the APK of ThopTv, then go to the folder which you have stored.
  2. Now, tap on it to install.
  3. You may get the window from the Android security or google play protect which is saying that it needs to allow unknown sources permission. Allow it.
  4. Repeat the step 2 and click on the install button from the bottom of the screen.
  5. Open the ThopTv APP from the drawer.
  6. Watch the live tv or stream the video content which you want.


F.A.Q on ThopTV APK for Android

Read the frequently asked question before reporting to us through chat option in our Android application.

Q1. How to Open THOPTV on Web Browser?

Copy and paste this URL ( on your Web Browser to access the whole content. Use VPN service if it is not opening on your browser. Sometimes there is a chance of URL blocking in that case you will be notified via notice board on APP or from our site.

Q2. Is there any subscription fee?

I have already told you that there is no Subscription free or any hidden charges to use. Completely free to use.

Q3. How can I access this service through a computer?

Yes, you can, but currently, we are only supporting Chrome and Firefox browser. That too you have to install our Extension/Add-On to prevent tracking. Even, some chromium based browsers Opera, Yandex, etc. will work.

Q4.  What is the Minimum Android version?

Android KitKat 4.4 is the minimum required Android version.

Q5. How to do Signup on ThopTv?

There is no signup button in the app. So, directly you can use your social sites (Google and Twitter) login details to get the dashboard. Then edit your username and password by going through profile info.

Q6. Can I play videos on the external player?

No, you cannot since streams need special decoding support and many of them are likely not supported.

Q7. Is it necessary to log in?

No, it’s not unless you want to use the dashboard to add favourites.

Q8. Are Channels are not playing?

You should always use the latest THOPTV APK from our official page, and sometimes you need VPN.GO TO DOWNLOAD

Q9. What is the best VPN for THOPTV?

We recommend Nord VPN, Express VPN, Touch VPN for Jasmine TV and Any Indian for Allium, Thyme and Tulip TV’s.

Q10. THOPTV website is not opening on the browser?

In this case, you have to use VPN because it was blocked by your ISP.

Q11. Are you getting Web Video Player Error starting with 10?

Refresh the page until all icons are loaded. It was caused by Network.

Q12. Are you getting Web Player Error 24000 in Thyme TV?

This error caused due to an unsupported system for streams that you are using.

Q13. Are your question not listed here?

There is chat option available in the Android app, and we have already explained this Chat feature here.


Hey!! I hope you would love this ThopTv APK for watching the paid content for free of cost. Only one the best app for streaming Live Tv online mainly in the live sports category.

Once you are done with the installation correctly, then you can enjoy all Indian Tv channels, movies and series without any hassle in my opinion. I am looking for your thoughts also in this segment.

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