Popular youtube channel ideas:


Youtube is the 2nd most popular website on the Internet. And its growing day by day.

Also, the people are making videos on youtube daily.

But, because of the shortage of topic idea, they don’t even know on which topic they will make the videos.

So, if anyone starts video with technology then all the people will start on the same topic.

But, because of the high competition of technology category, their video will not rank on the youtube.

But, today I will tell you top 60 categories which you can make the topic of youtube and grow your channel.


1) Top 10 anything

2) 5 best 5 worst

3) Tech humor

4) gym

5) Biography

6) Kids funny movements

7) Legal advice

8) Travel and tourism

9) School science Experiment

10) Motivation speech

11) Gardening and farming

12) Funny roast

13) Career suggestion

14) Insurance

15) Educational

16) Mimicry

17) Android apps

18) Mobile phones review

19) Poem and Shayari

20) Interview

21) Stock market

22) Cover songs

23) Vlogging

24) Magic

25) Life hacks

26) Online application

27) Ethical hacking

28) Photography

29) Photoshop

30) Video editing

31) Personality development

32) Driving

33) Daily news

34) Reaction channel

35) Dharma and Theatre

36) Nature and scenes

37) Animals funny scenes

38) Games

39) WWE

40) Jokes and comedy

41) Youtube Adsense

42) Health tips

43) Fashion

44) Web design

45) Interior Design

46) Prank videos

47) Cooking

48) Beauty tips

49) Auyverdic

50) Homeopathic

51) Astrology

52) Daily life

53) Politics jokes

54) Cartoon animation

55) Hardware

56) Money making

57) Entreprenuer ideas

58) Self employments

59) Art painting

60) Logically ideas

These are the category which you can select for your youtube videos, but its all depend upon you which category you want to select. 

If you think I did not mention all topic on our blog. you can also comment us tell the other topic of youtube videos.

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