PDF to editable word

PDF to editable word

PDF to editable word

We all know that the data play the most important rule in our daily life.


We can easily send our data from anywhere to all over the world in just a second.


Data is also available in many formats like word format, PDF format, PPT format etc.


The PDF format is used nowadays, with the help of PDF files we can send the data easily anywhere.


The most suitable carrier of information is PDF (Portable Document file).


PDF can hold can graphics, images, links, text, buttons etc. Also, it is very secure to move from one place to another.


But, it is difficult to reuse the PDF files because we cannot edit the PDF files.


We can only store on any devices or just open and close the PDF.


To overcome this limitation there is an app called PDF to word converter which is available in play store.


You have to search the PDF to word converter on play store and click the enter then you will see the results.


After this, you will see this app as shown Below,

PDF to editable word

After this just you have to download this app and its size is only 9.3mb of the application.


When you download this app you have to open this app on your mobile phone.


After opening this application you can see as shown below

PDF to editable word

You can see the interface of PDF to word converter and there are three optionsĀ 

i) scan documents: You can scan the documents at this tab.

ii) Files on this device: You can add any PDF file and convert to the word file easily

iii) Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive and more: You can directly upload the file from drive to directly on the app.


Now if you want to convert any PDF to word file then you have to click on the second option and upload the file now the device.


Now after clicking the option, you will see the message box where they tell that the time of conversion.


It takes 1 hour to convert pdf to word. But if you subscribe the pack of 250 then it will only take the 1 minute to convert the file.


Finally, your file is converted into word file where you can easily edit or modify the file.



No limits on file size or number of converted files:


There are no limits on the file size you can convert any size of the file in this app.

File size can be 1 MB or it can be 1 GB possible.

Excellent PDF to word converter quality:

The PDF that we converting to the word will be quality which is best for us.

There will no loss of data.

PDF to editable Word.


These are the features of this application that I described above. Now If you find any query then you contact us.




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