Neha Reaction when she met with flirty boy? And his response will be amazing.

Neha Reaction when she met with flirty boy? And his response will be amazing.

Neha Reaction when she met with the flirty boy? And his response will be amazing.

Roadies audition, something happened which seemed to be unpleasant to Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia’s anger blast on a contestant at Roadies audition.

So everyone welcomes back to our page, Technology Dishoom, serving you to the fullest. Here we talk about one of the most trending shows of Indian television




Roadies. Roadies, on hearing it we just expect some masala, khatta – meetha mazaa and loads drama. From its inception, mostly around 12 years, we have seen every type of drama, whether it fights, rivalry, crying trolling etc.

Some of the things which were missed out are now completed by the new contestants, as we know each and every contestant is not the same, some come with the dreams and some just for getting live TV footage. This time very unpleasant thing happened with the gang leader miss Neha Dhupia during an interview round, She literally had thrown out one contestant out of the show by insulting him in the best possible way she could. Let’s see what happened actually in the real audition game.

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During the audition in Chandigarh, a contestant named Harpreet expressed his love for his community girls i.e. Punjabi girls. But her pointing was more or less on miss Neha Dhupia as he was just starring her like a hungry dog. Not only that was enough, but he even said that he (Harpreet) wants to flirt with her, and further he spoke about his sexual strength as well. (the words cannot be expressed here). These words made Neha Dhupia annoyed and also very furious with anger. Most of the girls remain silent but Neha Dhupia instead of being silent, she raised her voice against this and said“Tume pata hai tumari problem kya hai??


Tumare nazariya he essay hai ladkiyo ke taraf. Tume thodi bi izzat nhi hai ladkiyo ke liye. Tum bas sochte ho ke sexual strength he sab kuch hai. Job tum dusre gang leader se baat karte ho toh tum unke personality ko dekh ked arte ho like unke dressing sense, body, etc but tume mujhse personality trait nhi hai kyuki me ladki hu or tume adhikar hai ke tum mujse flirt kar sakte ho??

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Muje pata hai tum kaise insan ho. Humare yaha bahot sari female contestant hai roadies journey me. Tume thodi bi izzat nhi hai ladkiyo ke bare me so, ye humari responsibility hai ke hum tum jaise log ko roadies see dor rakhe.” Neha further added to his point saying that “You know why I said this? I wouldn’t have said this but I am not feeling safe! Because of you. This is my area, my territory so if I am not feeling safe you don’t get to go ahead in this show”.


The statement clearly states that how unethical the person must have said on the show, as Neha Dhupia responded with such an anger and an unpleasant tone. The guy was basically trying not to flirt but seduce girl contestants and especially Neha Dhupia with his talks related to sexual power.

Write down in the comments section and tell us your views about how was the response of Neha Dhupia. Was the response correct or was it a mistake ??? Stay connected with us on our Facebook page Super Timepass to receive latest news and updates.

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