how to increase Facebook page likes

how to increase Facebook page likes

how to increase Facebook page likes:

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It is the 3rd most popular website in the world.

We are using Facebook for our personal use, like as we are uploading our profile photo, sending the request to our friends, family, co-workers, chatting with friends etc.

But, also do you know that Facebook can also be used for marketing. Do you know how facebook earn?

If you don’t know when you are at Right place. I will tell you how Facebook earns money, and how to increase facebook page likes.

Facebook page is one method that all are using to promote their products. By using their own profile they can’t promote their products.

But, If you want to sell then you have to increase your page likes so all the people can see your product.

So, today our main task is to gain the likes for our facebook page, and I will tell you the top 37 way you can increase your likes.


1) Invite Your Email Contacts:

In past, there was one feature in a Facebook that on one click the invitation was sent to 5000 people of your Email contacts.

Unfortunately, now facebook remove this features, But Now you can use this service through Gmail.

You can attract your customer through Email invitation, make any course you want to provide free and tell them to like there facebook page and share on your profile.


2) Create an Infographic

Infographic is also one of the best ways to gain the likes and followers on the facebook page.

In Infographics, Info means your content and graphics means represent your content in graphical design.

There are two methods free and paid, In the free method you can create the infographic at and for the paid method you can make at at 5$ cost.

After creating infographics, Make sure that add your infographic to all the web directories and link back to your page.

After doing this you can get organic traffic to your page, Also if other people can re-blog your infographic from that you can also gain the traffic.


3) converting your profile to your page:

At an initial stage, you must have some likes on your page, but it’s difficult to gain the 1000 likes at starting.

But, hold on Facebook has launched the new feature, in which you can convert your profile to your page and all your Facebook friends will become the facebook likes.

This is the best way to obtain the initial likes on facebook page.


4) Give Away Great Stuff to Fans:

You can also do the Give-Away, because of this people will share your page to their timelines and do to these you will get the huge facebook likes.

This is also the best way to how to increase Facebook page likes you can offer some gifts to your fans.


5) Link to Your Page In Your About Section:

You must link your page to about section, due to this all your new friends will know that you have the facebook page.

If they are interested in your page, then definitely they will like your page. This is also the effective way to how to increase Facebook page likes.


6) Offer an Incentive for People to Like Your Page

If you want your more facebook page, then you can offer an incentive for people to like your page.

You can offer them an ebook, courses, webinars. If they like your page then they can use these content.


7) Use a Call To Action on Your Timeline Cover:

Also, make an eye-catching timeline, and put the facebook like button on the timeline.

Due to this people will think that this will become nice content, so they like your facebook page.


8) Know Your Audience:

After publishing also the post, you can also see insights of the posts, you can check whether the traffic is girls or boys.

You can check this at Due to this you can provide the content related to this.


9) Use the @Tagging feature:

This is also the new feature that is published on Facebook, Due to this, you can tag anyone on your friend’s list and also increase likes.

This is also the best method for how to increase Facebook page likes with tagging feature.


10) Post Epic Content:

We all know that the content is king. If you have the great content then definitely people will share your content and like your facebook page.

Make the quality content don’t focus on the quantity.


11) Leave Insightful Comments (as your page) on Posts From Other Pages:

You can also increase your facebook page likes if you comment on the famous pages. You gain the good amount of facebook likes from their followers. But try to put the genuine comments.

12) Upload Videos to Your Facebook Page:

One of the best ways to increase the facebook page likes is to upload videos on your page.

Some studies have proved that the videos have 150% more reach than the normal comments and photos.

Uploading videos can be the best way to your facebook page for increasing likes.


13) Create a Memorable Facebook URL:

Make facebook URL name same as the facebook username because it gives the great impact on your page.

If you created your Facebook page and make the URL, then you cannot change the URL, so choose the URL wisely.


14) Track Your Growth with Facebook Insights:


You can track your growth with Facebook insights, Due to this, you can find that which post is getting traffic and which is not getting so you can decide your future post which will get the traffic.

15) Connect Your Facebook Page With Twitter:

You can connect your Facebook page with Twitter, Due to this, all your twitter fans can like your Facebook page.

This is also the effective way to gain the huge amount of likes on your facebook page.


16) Attract More Likes with Professional Graphics and Designs:

Your Facebook page should be neat and clean, and it should be professionally designed with graphics so if people will visit your page when they click on like button without thinking a single minute.


17) Cross Promote with Other Page Managers:

You can also do the cross promoting with other page managers. Due to this, there are chances that their followers will like your facebook page and your followers can like other manager facebook page.


18) Run a Facebook Contest or “Fan of The Month” Promotion:

You can also run a Facebook contest or “Fan of Month”. Due to this people will share your content on their profile page.

You can give any gift to your fan which will win the contest.

This is also the effective way for how to increase facebook page likes.


19) Implement “Like” and “Share” Buttons Into Every Blog Post:

If you are running any website then you can also include the Like and share buttons in every blog post.

There is the high possibility that people will share your content. And like your facebook page.


20) Buy Likes:

At the initial stage, it is difficult to gain the 1000 facebook likes on your page.

So you can buy your facebook page likes from  


21) Link to Your Facebook Page From Your LinkedIn Profile:

You can Link your Facebook page to your Linkedin profile. Due to this, there is the possibility your linked followers can like your Facebook page.


22) Create a Short URL for Your Facebook Page:

You can create the short URL for your Facebook page, due to this to can easily share your URL to any site.

It is easy to share any directory, forum, sites etc.


23) write a guest post:

Guest posting is one of the best ways to increase your facebook likes.

You have to write the post for the other sites which is more popular and link back to your facebook page.

If the website has 1000 visitors daily, then it is easy to get 100 likes on your facebook page.


 24) Link to Your Facebook Fan Page for Forum Signatures:

You can also increase your facebook page using forum signature. In forum signature, you have to provide the proper solution on forum sites.

There are many forum sites, using this you can get the heavy traffic from these sites.

Forum signature is also the one of an effective way to how to increase Facebook page likes.


 25) Set Up an Instagram Profile:

Instagram is also the nice way to gain the likes on facebook page. Using the Instagram you can add the facebook page link at the bio.

If you Instagram follower thinks is attractive, then they will like your facebook page.





























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