how to do keyword research for my website

how to do keyword research for my website

how to do keyword research for my website:

We all know that the keyword researching is very important part of our Blog.

But, You cannot Rank the short-tails keyword because this is targeted by most of the popular companies.

Targeting the short-tail keyword is very difficult for you to rank on any search Engines like Google, yahoo, bing etc.

You have to do proper keyword researching for your blog. So you have to target the long-tail keyword.

But, ranking the long-tail keywords are very time-consuming.

You have to analyze the whole spreadsheet for hour’s then also there is less chance you can find the best keyword for your blog.

So, today I will tell you about the 80/20 principle for keyword researching.

how to do keyword research for my website


This mean’s that you have to work a 20% to gain the 80% of results.

Let’s take the example, suppose you will have an exam tomorrow And you didn’t study yet.

That is obvious that you will not read the whole book. You will only read the important questions that will come in exam.

This mean’s that you are giving 20% of effort means reading the important questions and gaining the 80% of result means the probably these questions come in exams.

So, We can use this principle for our keyword researching. So we can easily rank the post on Google.

Scan the top industry Blog for category keyword:

This is the very easy technique to find the most popular keyword for your Blog.

Just you have to find the most popular website, Let’s take an example the popular site is

Copy the URL of this site and paste on the ahref account and find the most popular content on this website.

Also, check the most popular shares, Engagement of the content. so you can make the blog for the related content.

But, the ahref account is not free. Its cost is 99$ for a month. But if you want then I can provide you in 15$ per month. You just have to mail me.

Explore your own content idea on Google:

how to do keyword research for my website


This is also the simple technique to find the most popular content keyword.

First of all, you have to decide which topic you have to make the blog, Then search the keyword on Google.

After this, You can see the “People may Ask” result below the search result.

Then, Take this result and again paste into Google and search. You may finds the more specific keyword related to the post.

You can also choose the keyword at the Bottom of the result.

LSI Keyword Research:

how to do keyword research for my website


After finding the proper keyword you have to write the Article related to the post.

But it is so confusing how to write the article, And how to find the proper content related to this post.

So just have to search the topic on the LSI keyword planner. Example: You are searching for “Digital Marketing”.

After this, You will find the specific keyword related to the keyword you are searching for.

Now, Just you have to Note all the keyword all and make the Article related to this keyword.

This result gives the most popular keyword. So there is also the major chances of ranking your post on any search engines.

The backlink is also the main part of SEO



Short-tail keyword researching is waste of time.

Target the long-tail keyword, But target long-tail keywords are time-consuming.

Follow the 80/20 principle to Rank the post on Google without wasting to much time.

Scan the top industry blog for category keyword

Check the popular post on these websites.

Check the Engagement and social shares of these blogs.

So, Now you can easily find the popular blog. so you can rank on Google, You have to make the proper back-links related to this blog.

Explore your own content ideas on Google.

Just search the content ideas on Google.

Check the Below result of the search that is “People may ask”.

Also get the idea of the bottom result.

LSI keywords

It is very important to write the proper article for your blog.

just you have to search the keyword and then you may find the specific keyword related to your keyword.

So, you have to take the idea from the specific keyword and write the article related to this keyword and also may this keyword as Heading 3, Heading 4 etc.

how to do keyword research for my website, how to do keyword research for my website, how to do keyword research for my website


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  1. I’d appreciate your advice.

    I’ve been using SEMrush for quite some time and it’s a solid choice but updates rarely. So I switched to Serpstat because it’s rapidly growing both in functionality and bases.

    Can you suggest me similar tools?

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