highest cpc keyword 2018:

highest cpc keyword 2018

highest CPC keyword 2018:

We all know that the keyword research is the main part of on-page SEO.

You have to find the proper keyword for your blog.

The CPC(cost per click) of all the keywords are different.

The CPC of the keyword can be 0.01$ to 100$. It depends upon the popularity of difficulty of the keyword.

Do you know how does Google make money? Amazing they Google earn money from pay-per-click.

That means that, when any people click on the add, then Google earn money, and some part will give to us.

So, if you have high CPC keyword, then Eventually you earn money.

So, I listed the topmost 10 Expensive keywords on Google as follow;

 Highest cpc keyword 2018


conference calling companies $51.66

purchase structured settlements $51.48

homeowner secured loan $50.36

mesothelioma patient $50.23

austin texas DWI lawyer $50.03

phoenix dui lawyers $50.01

insurance auto $50.00

secured loans $50.00

phoenix dui attorney $50.00

car free insurance online quote $49.96


These are the Topmost Expensive keyword are on the Google.

Also, If you think that you make the blog on insurance and your niche is marketing then it’s useless.

you have to keep in mind that, Don’t write the blog on the other niche.

If you want this type of high CPC, you have to target these keywords and make the website related to this.

These keywords are most expensive because the advertiser is paying the very high amount for these keywords.



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