Dragon ball super news

Dragon ball super news

Dragon ball super news 

Hey, guys welcome back to Super Timepass FB page and your favorite site technologydishoom…  today we are going to give some mysterious information regarding a well-known T.V. cartoon named Dragon Ball super. In Dragon ball super news.

This Japanese cartoon has won hearts of millions of children all over the world by their excellent concept and graphics. So now the 2nd edition of Dragon ball Zee has released naming Dragon balls Super .. and 129 episodes have also been telecasted on Japanese television networks.

But here we are gonna provide you information regarding 130th episode which is yet to be released on 18th March 2018. If u want to be ahead of your friends then let’s scroll down to the bottom for full information.


In the 130th episode, they are going to show you an enormous amount of action between Goku and Jiren in which master Goku is gonna win over Jiren and Goku forgives him … but that isn’t it .. in this episode, Jiren will stand again in front of Goku after asking for mercy and this time master Goku gets defeated. …..

Dragon ball super news


Here we will observe that Jiren’s strength will be increasing along with his inner powers. Some leaked episodes of DBZ super speaks the same.


How this happened ??..

Even though Goku uses ultra mastered instinct he will be defeated in the 131st episode of DBZ super. So u think Jiren will win ?? .. Nah !! Freeza .. another one of the most powerful Villains of DBZ will get the hold over the tournament and will throw away Jiren at the back. Hope u love the news… For now, Dragon Balls Super is on a short break, and Episode 130 will be back on Sunday, March 18, before the series concludes on March 25.

Dragon ball super news


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