Hey guys welcome back to Super Timepass fb page and your favourite site technologydishoom…  today we are going to give some scary information regarding a ghost train in China. Yes you read it right. A ghost train .. Till the date we have just heard about the ghost people, dogs, cats ir any other living beings… but in China the case is just totally different. Here a ghost train was witnessed under the CCTV cameras of the railway station. Don’t read ahead if u r weak hearted.


So here is the whole scenario of what happened actually in the Chinese railway station.

It was around the time of late night and for some of the security reasons, they needed to check the security CCTV cameras present on the station and other places at railway route.


“This footage was captured on March 10, 2018 and when the station’s security guards were watching the surveillance (CCTV) cameras and they noticed this ‘Ghost Train’ pulled into the station and stopped as if it was picking up passengers and then leaving for the further journey”

The officer then noticed a transparent train with two headlights which stopped on station and then it was like picking up the passengers (ghosts) and carrying away them to their destination. It was such a scary incidence to be witnessed by the security control officers of China.

When asked in an interview what had happened exactly at that night. They narrated the whole incident to the television media and also the clip was showed on the television.

They further said that this was the first incident in which they experienced such a strange thing… and out of fear they even said that they don’t want to witness this again any time on their life time .. so here is the video of that night captured on the CCTV cameras


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